True Trance Sounds V3 For Diva


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True Trance Sounds V3 For Diva – it’s a clear Trance soundbank. The emphasis was on a Lead sounds similar to the famous Roland JP-8000 and Virus TI. And of course you get the full range of other sounds, like Trance Basslines directly in Arpedgio‘s, deep Pads, swirly FX‘s, beautiful Keys and so on.

The package contains a great part of interesting Synth sounds, which can be amazing additional sound in the composition.

Soundbank contains 64 U-He Diva patches, which are:

  • 7 ARP’s (where is 5 ARP Baselines)
  • 13 Bass Presets
  • 1 Brass
  • 10 special Trance FX’s
  • 1 GT sound
  • 3 Keys
  • 10 Leads
  • 7 Pads
  • 1 Pluck
  • 1 SEQ
  • 10 Synth sounds


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