NatLife Sounds

A company that started with the long and successful experience in the music field before

HI dear customer. My name is Igor, better known as NatLife (in music scene). I have started my way in music production in earlier 2000s, and I had a sucsesfull expirience in Trance scene with all those top DJ’s and Labels supports, releases my music including of course Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and so on.

Around 2014, by the will of fate, I had to change my job to what I do now, namely sound design. I had to learn a lot of synthesizers inside and out so that I could combine my musical background with my sound design background and translate it into incredible sound.

At the end of 2019, I finally launched my website, which you see now. And I also “picked up” all my released sound libraries from other intermediary sites. So everything you see on my website on behalf of NatLife is 100% exclusive, which you cannot find anywhere else.

At the moment, in addition to what I release on my website, I have had the honor of working with such leading companies as:

  Native Instruments, ReFX, KV331 Audio, Baby Audio, Rob Papen, D16 group, GForce Software, XILS-lab.  For some of them I developed factory sounds, for some it were expansion banks and others offered their instruments for collaborations.

On the site you can also find sound design from my friends – Vendor Products

Below are examples of my latest musical works.