Space Radiations for Diva


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This bank for U-He Diva is aimed at galactic Sci-Fi and Trance sounds, with some lush, aggressive and gritty sounds, inspired by movies like Dune and Blade runner.

Some sounds like the ARPS and LEADS are very wide, melodic, galactic and trippy, kind of like for Trance and Psy-Trance music. Others are more ominous and scary, like the BASSES, which are very dynamic. The PADS are sometimes corrosives, dynamic or sad, other times very lush and spatial.

This is a great addition to your arsenal to score Sci-Fi movies, action scenes, horror or produce electronic music with a dark and certain attitude!

Includes 107 presets total:
– 39 ARP
– 10 BASS
– 5 FX
– 2 KEYS
– 12 LEADS
– 25 PADS
– 6 SEQ

RequirementsU-He Diva synth, v1.4.5 or later

Playthrough video:


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