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NatLife Sounds presents a huge library of Hive 2 sounds inU-He Hive Presets Megabundle.

It is a collection of 11 complete soundbanks in one package. You can find here specialized patches for Synthwave, Trance, EDM, House, Melodic Techno, Psychedelic Trance, and Dubstep.

Also, you will find here concrete Bass soundbanks, Leads, Plucks, ACID, and a big 90s pack.

This is the biggest Hive sound collection that you can find exclusively here on NatLife Sounds.

This collection includes 548 Hive Presets, which are:

  1. True Trance Sounds Vol.2
  2. Cosmic Plucks Vol.1
  3. True Trance Bassline vol. 1
  4. Leads Vol.1
  5. True Trance Sounds Vol.11
  6. Hive 2 Bass & Korg Drums V1
  7. RetroWave Vol.1
  8. I’m Raving Vol.1
  9. True Trance Sounds V1
  10. 303 V1
  11. 303 V2

+ The package includes a bunch of Samples, MIDI, and Sequences.


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