True Trance Sounds Vol.8 for Dune3


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True Trance Sounds back to you with a one brilliant sounbank for the newest Synapse Audio synthesizer – Dune 3!
With using some of the great updates in the synth, we made it exceptional as every True Trance bank we do. First of all, we finally added more arpeggiators, because Dune 3 have a much cooler arp section than usually synthesizers have, and these sounds are more than usefull, like pluck-arps, bassline-arps and others.
As always – Plucks & Leads sounds here are a top! Very small probability that you will find something similar in other sound banks because we worked hard to clear and harmonize our sounds perfectly well. Another part of soundset – is Synth sounds where you can find trully unique sounds.
And on the final what we can be proud of in our bank – The Pads. Its where your atmosphere in track is starting. Rich and harmonic atmosphere and distand, and finally with a full of soul in every note.
In result we have a full value Trance soundbank, where any sound can be very usefull for your next production.

Soundbank contains:

  • 64 Presets


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