SuperACID Bundle


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


NatLife Sounds presents you with an absolute thriller – SuperACID Bundle library. It is a real must-have for any ACID geeks.

The package contains 7 ACID products, which are:

It’s everyone what you need for fast creation of all the sub-styles of ACID music. Just put any MIDI pattern melody to Hive 2 or Dune 3 ACID presets, put off the internal sequencer/arp, and see the result. In other cases, you can use the MIDIs for Roland TB-303 or the big list of its clones. And of course, you can create your own ACID melody with already powerful “From The Box” Acid patches.

For a deeper knowledge of the 303r sound, the package includes an illustrated e-book, where you can find previously unknown acid machines, and a full description of their capabilities.


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