True Trance Sounds Vol.12 for Massive X


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This summer was a big release of the legendary synthesizer with the new guise. Our team has been waiting for this moment for many years to apply our knowledge in sound design to the most powerful of the VST representatives synthesizers in our time – Massive X.

True Trance Sounds Vol.12 turned out to be very unusual but also more than saturated in sound row. In this package you can find not only Trance oriented sounds but also more than a variety of forms of basslines, pads, cords, as well as, some of the sounds which are truly unique – combining the shades of a violin and a pipe together with electronic power. To fully understand the picture, you just need to listen to the demo composition, molded solely from the sounds that are in this library, while without the use of the third-party effects, reverbs or any other enhancers. Everything is exactly the way it sounds.

Sounbank contains:

64 Preset Sounds incl.

  • 27 – bass
  • 11 – Lead sounds
  • 8 – Atmospheric Pads
  • 16 – Plucks
  • 2 – Formants


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