natlifeTrue Trance Sounds V1 for Massive X

True Trance Sounds V1 for Massive X


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A year later we announced a first as such custom soundbank for the new Massive X synth, now NatLife Sounds ready to announce another thriller soundbank - True Trance Sounds V1.

91 custom-designed sounds will fully rich your needs this year. Despite the name of the bank, you will get a truly essential collection of sounds for all lines of electronic music from ACID to Synthwave. But of course the main style of this pack - goes to Trance. The creation of such a diverse sound of this library was attended by Gianfry and NatLife. As in any of our other work, we tried to open the full potential of Massive X with it's full of rich harmonics in sounds. And we hope we did it well for you.

Soundset contains 91 sounds, wich:

  • ARP - 10 (includes 3 ACID ARP's).
  • Bass - 11.
  • DM - 1.
  • DR - 1.
  • Keys - 10.
  • Leads - 42.
  • Pads - 7.
  • Plucks - 3.
  • SEQ - 3.
  • SY - 3.


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