Repro 1/5 & FL Studio 20 Template


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


NatLife Sounds presents you with a unique product – Repro 1/5 & FL Studio 20 Template, wich based on the Repro synth. Every step, Drum, Bass, FX, Lead, Pad or Woosh – comes from this synthesizer. With a using of this product – you can learn how to get any possible sound from Repro1/5. To get the maximum colours of sounds from the synthesizer, we spent around two months. And It is unlikely that you can find something similar in the market.

As for the style of the track in the template – this is a mixture of Progressive, Techno and Trance.

32 Repro 1/5 Presets in use
More than a 300 Patterns in work.
Over 200 Modulations!
And 0 quantity of samples.

What do you need to have a full project loaded?:

  1. U-He Repro 1/5
  2. FL Studio 20+
  3. Ambient Reverb (FREE Reverb Plugin).
  4. dblue Glitch 1.3 (FREE Glitch Plugin).
  5. Invisible Limiter G2

Most sounds were taken from our library of presets – True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for Repro 1/5.

Note: in order for you to be able to use the project without freezes, you need a powerful CPU.


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