reFX Vanguard 2 FL Studio Template


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


NatLife Sounds present you a first reFX Vanguard 2 Template, which was created in FL Studio 20 DAW. It’s a part of the new NatLife Trance Expansion soundset which included in Vanguard 2.0.7 version as Factory presets (and it is FREE for Vanguard users)

Vanguard 2 FL Studio Template contains a 61 Vanguard 2 synthesizers in the project, Leads, Plucks, Pad’s, Key’s, ARP’s, Sequences, FX’s, Impacts and Vanguard 2 Drum Loops presets.

The demo song shows what Vanguard can actually sound like today. Despite the intuitive and simple interface, the synth sounds very warm as for a soft synthesizer, and can easily compete with the Access Virus TI or even the Novation Peak.

So what you will get:

  • 8 Demo Tracks in one
  • 61 Vanguard 2 synthesizers/presets in the project
  • 23 Aditional Drum Samples
  • No 3rd Party Plugins (Except Invisible Limiter G2 on Master/ It can be changed with any other Limiter/Compressor)
  • More Then 130 Playlist Channels
  • Each demo track is separated by color in both the Tracklist and Channel Rack
  • MIDI (all the Vanguard 2 sounds named, so you just need to put it in any DAW and use same preset)

Free Download NatLife Trance Expansion with a 128 Vanguard 2 presets.

This presets will not work in Vanguard 1!


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