Psychodelive V1 for Synthmaster One


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Psychodelive V1 – Is the fourth expansion soundbank for Synthmaster One. This sound pack is designed for fans of Full-On and Psychedelic Trance rhythms. In your hands now all the Synthmaster instruments for creating a mind-blowing Psy drive. From the slow swing arp’s to highly speed up Lead lines. Also, you will get a freshly new Voc-synthesized sound, in Leads, Plucks, and SFX’s.

Soundpack contains 60 Synthmaster One Presets which:

  • 3 ACID Lines.
  • 7 ARP’s.
  • 13 Basses.
  • 14 SFX Sounds.
  • 1 – KEY.
  • 6 – Leads.
  • 6 PADs.
  • 8 Plucks.
  • 2 VOC’s.

+FL Studio 20 projects in the pack. Separated by colors, it gives you a full view of how it was built, and 46 Wave Files(Samples).

For the full load of project, you need:

  1. Invisible Limiter G2
  2. dBlue Glitch 1.3 (Free).
  3. Valhalla Shimmer

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