Essential Sounds for Roland JUNO-60


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


NatLife presenting you absolutely stunning bank of patches for one of the icon of synthesizers – Roland Juno-60 software synthesizer – Essential Sounds .
In this library of sounds, you can take a fresh look at this synthesizer. The magnificent part of the Arpeggio presets will immerse you in another dimension. Just touch a couple of keys and you will feel this wave of Juno’s analog sound in the digital soul. The synth was created by those who made this masterpiece from the beginning, but now transformed it into a computer.
This soundset is not tied to styles. It’s main basis is a high-quality sound worked out to the smallest detail. Go get it and use it absolutely everywhere, from electronic music to sound design for films.
It combines everything from warmth of 80′ to the most fashionable trends of modern Melodic Techno, combined with Progressive Trance music.

Essential Sounds for Roland Juno-60 contains 50 custom patches, which are:

  • 15 ARP sounds.
  • 3 Synth.
  • 7 Basses.
  • 11 Leads.
  • 7 Pads.
  • 4 Plucks.
  • 3 FXs.

Compatible: Roland System 8 and Roland JU-06 / JU-06A as hardware controller.


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