CyberTrance V1 For KingKorg


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NatLife back to hardware synth sound design production with a CyberTrance V1 For Korg KingKorg. Not a big soundbank but with a large percentage of useful sounds. In every sound, you can get a feel of analog warmth. Soft Plucks, strong Leads, fast Pads, as well as other synthesized sounds, all will work great in “Future-Past” music production.

The world of cyber sounds is waiting for you.

Soundset contains 36 sounds, wich:

  • 12 Plucks.
  • 18 Leads.
  • 3 Synths.
  • 1 AAH.
  • 1 Pad.
  • 1 ARP.

Sounds will fill slots 265-300.


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