Mistral Freak for Arturia Minifreak


Sold By: Mistral Unizion


NatLife Sounds present you a new soundbank from Mistral UnizionMistral Freak. This is a preset bank of 94 presets for Arturias Minifreak (works both in Minifreak V and Minifreak hardware).
The bank have a many different types of sounds, perfect to compose in the style of CyberPunk music, as well as Cinematic Scoring, Horror, Video Game, EDM, Trance music, as well as Psy-Trance, Goa, Melodic Techno and similar electronic music. 

It has cutting Leads, piercing Plucks, dreaming and anxiety inducing Pads, epic Sweeps, groovy Basslines, aggressive and utility Basses, melodic Sequences and Arps, and more.

NOTE: For every Sequences, you can turn off the sequence and use the preset as an Arp or single note sound. Please experiment.

Contains 94 presets total :

  • 22 ARPS
  • 5 BASSES
  • 4 FXs
  • 3 KEYS
  • 12 LEADS
  • 11 PADS
  • 7 PLUCKS

Requirements: Arturia Minifreak/Arturia MiniFreak V  version or higher


Demo Tracks:

1- “Android Remnants”- Demo Track by Jonathan Bougie-Lauzon for Mistral Freak

2- “Carnal Computations” by TORLEY – Demo Track for Mistral freak


Video Playthrough:



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