Melodic Techno for Novation Peak/Summit


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


NatLife Sounds presents you with a Melodic Techno for Novation Peak & Summit synthesizers. It is an absolute thriller bank with very thematic sounds in it.

These are the sounds of the Techno Melodic worked out to the smallest details. For this, almost all the features of the Novation Peak synthesizer, also added in the latest update of the synthesizer firmware 2.1, were used.

You will find here harmonized Leads and Basses which are just perfect for Melodic Techno music. Deep and atmospheric Pads, harsh FXs, beautiful melodic Plucks, Keys, Synth sounds and of course immersed Arpedgios.

Since modern Melodic Techno music is very closely intersected in all respects with Progressive Trance, these sounds will also be great for this style of music.

The sounds in the bank have 2 Animated buttons, which can change every preset in very different ways, for getting more incredible patches. So it means that one preset can sound like arpeggios or drum loops at the same time, and the Lead can sound like Bass just with one Animate knob. Also, every patch has a ModWheel setting, so you can fastly use it just from a box.

Soundbank contains 50 Novation Peak/Summit presets, which are:

  • 21 Bass sounds.
  • 3 Drum Arp and FX’s.
  • 7 FX’s.
  • 3 Leads.
  • 7 ARP’s.
  • 3 PAD.
  • 3 Keys.
  • 5 Synth sounds.

Presets will fit bank D, 050-099 slots.


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