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We glad to present you a new soundbank for Roland JP-08KRK.

It is a continue Trance line of the first sounndbank for JP-08 but with a special taste of Adriatic Island – KRK, after whom this bank got its name.

This soundset was packed with a 16 Sequences and 64 presets. The sounds are perfect for any style of Electronic Music and not only. It’s a pack of Leads, Plucks, Pads, FX’s and you can find here even big Brass sounds, which sound warmer than you can imagine from a 4 Voices synthesizer. A bunch number of sounds using all the LFO‘s possibilities, so you can get a feeling that it’s more than just a one LFO in it. in almost every sound you will feel the spirit of that very famous Jupiter-8 from Roland.

All the presets using only internal Delay, so you hear in demo what you get.

So, in final you get:

  • 64 Roland JP-08 Patches
  • 16 Sequences


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