Cybertrance V1 For Novation Peak/Summit


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


This is Cybertrance V1 For Novation Peak and Summit synthesizers. With this soundbank, you will turn your synth into the Retro-Future atmosphere. Every sound has been meticulously calibrated to match the style of the 60x-80x synths, but with all possible modern innovations. The library is replete with a variety of sounds while retaining its retro warmth in every note. From incredibly soft Lead sounds to Blade Runner style pads.

After a long and painstaking work on these warm sounds, there will finally be an opportunity for a wider audience to bring all this beauty into their musical production. Only part of this work is presented in the demo song. But despite this, you can hear how superbly all these sounds interact with each other.

Every sound has 2X-animated variations, so it’s the number of sounds in this library doubles or even triples in an instant of pushing the Animate buttons. This bank greatly unleashes the full power potential of an FPGA processor of Novation Peak and Summit.

The patches are perfect for the next styles of music: Synthwave, Retrowave, Cyberpunk, Italian Disco, Synthpop, Trance and the rest Electronic Music.

Soundbank contains 64 Peak/Summit patches:

  • Leads – 12.
  • Bass – 15.
  • Synth – 9.
  • ARP – 2.
  • FX’s – 4.
  • Pads – 13.
  • Plucks – 8.
  • Brass – 1.

Notice: After when you download the bank to Novation Components, you can find the sounds from 064 to 127 numbers.


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