Cybertrance V1 For Minilogue XD


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


NatLife Sounds present you Cybertrance V1 for Minilogue XD analog synthesizer.

“Be ready to get full control of retro sounds with just one bank”

40 Sequences on board will open a wide range of this library. Our motto is not doing a big quantity of worthless sounds, but better, less, but to do it as efficiently as possible and useful for use in your music products. This soundset has retro Leads, with much more panoramic options than possible in Minilogue XD. Basslines that give you a full feeling of 80′ sound. Amazing old-motives KEY’s, very rich PAD’s, true retro CHORD’s, and finally a great fast attacking Plucky sound. This Soundbank covers the next styles: Cyberpunk, Synthwave, and Trance in one theory, that we call – Cybertrance.

Soundpack contains 50 Preset Patches, which:

  • 9 PLK.
  • 19 Lead.
  • 7 Bass.
  • 1 ARP.
  • 5 Pad.
  • 3 SFX.
  • 6 Key.
  • + Chord’s and ARP’s which are distributed by presets.
  • 40 Sequences (Inside The Presets).


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