CyberTrance V1 for Korg Prologue


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Inspired by the 80′ and combined with Trance vibes, CyberTrance V1 opening the new music style name for the audience.

CyberTrance V1 for Korg Prologue contains 50 Trance Cyberpunk’d sounds. If you are looking for something new, but at the same time warmly sounding old, this is exactly what you need now. Owners of the 16-voice synthesizer will feel a special taste of sound, and it’s all thanks for Layering the sounds with more than 3 oscillators in sound. The soundbank will perfectly fit Cyberpunk, Trance, Synthwave, Retrowave, Films, and Trailers soundtracks. Otherwise, you can apply it wherever you want.

Soundbank includes 50 presets, wich:

  • 10 – Plucks.
  • 6 – Pads.
  • 17 – Leads.
  • 5 – FX’s.
  • 1 – Key sound.
  • 3 – Chord sounds.
  • 7 – Basses.
  • 1 – ARP Bassline.

Notes: Presets starting from 301 – 350 containers.


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