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NatLife Sounds back to you with a thriller-soundbank for Korg Krome synthesizer – Cybertrance V1. This bank has collected Cyberpunk, Trance, and Synthwave sound. Nothing else will sound like Krome, because of 128 Polyphony, which gives you a full inspiration of retro vibes. But on the other side, it’s completed with beautiful Trance Plucks, and deep lush Pads, which can be great for both styles. Also, it has a great pack of amazing retro ARP Basslines, specially made for Synthwave and Cyberpunk. And of course, the main sounds what you waiting from it – Leads, it has a very rich and warm vibe, which will not leave you without feeling to this sound.

Cybertrance V1 includes 58 Patches, which:

  • 16 – Leads.
  • 6 SFX’s.
  • 9 Plucks.
  • 8 Pads.
  • 7 Keys.
  • 2 AAH.
  • 9 Bass(incl. ARP Basslines).

Patches work with Korg Krome and Krome EX synthesizers.

sounds are placed in Bank F, in slots: 70-127


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