Back To 90s For Roland JD 800 Model Expansion


Sold By: NatLife Sounds


We present you “Back To 90s” for Roland JD 800 Model Expansion Synthesizer.
You will get a full feeling of 90s years of Electronic Music rising, from Rave to House, and Trance. Sounds includes deep Bass, Massive Guitars, Leads, Beautiful Plucks and Lush Pads. And you will get a part of very correct recreating the sounds from Roland JD 990 synth, including famous Sash‘s – ‘Uncore Une Fois’ sound of 90’s. To this day its exact recreation of this Patch on other instruments was considered impossible. It’s worth getting this library for that alone.

The video-demo contains only JD 800 Model Expansion patches plus all the drums made by Zenology Pro.
The library will works with ZENOLOGY and compatible ZEN-Core hardware, which includes Roland Jupiter-X and Jupiter-XM Synthesizers.

Soundbank contains 70 Presets, which includes:

  • 17 Plucks.
  • 8 Pads.
  • 15 Leads.
  • 16 Bases.
  • 4 AAH & Special VOC’s.
  • 4 FX’s.
  • 2 HIT’s.
  • 3 ARP’s.
  • 1 Synth.


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