Orchestrance Vol.1 Midi Pack by Adam Navel


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NatLife Sounds present Orchestrance Vol.1 Midi Pack made by Adam Navel.

It is large library of samples and Midi files with big amount of rhythmic melodies, solo strings, pads, ethnic instruments, and more.

This product gives you access to 10 themes that can be adopted to be used as your own track, or be remixed or inspiration on creating your own track.

The soundbank introduced by wave files (dry and wet samples) in tempo 137 BPM and Midis.

Inspired by epic trance and emotional music made by Andy Blueman, Gaia, Armin Van Buuren, Aly & Fila this sample pack includes 10 themes with trance leads and sequences, progressed by the pads and oriental sounds, such as: duduk, violin, cello, organ, piano, flute, koto, etc. All themes for free use, and you can make your own sound by using dry samples or midi files and adopt it to a comfortable tempo. MP3 of each of 10 themes made as a full guide to show what exactly this pack offers to you. Each theme has it’s own pack with dry\wet stems with signature of tone and tempo.

What you will get:

  • 123 Wave Stems
  • 70 Midi files


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